Dark Angels || Review

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So I said I would give you a review on the Dark Angels Facial Cleanser, and here it is!! I got Dark Angels about 2 weeks ago. I learned really quick that this is NOT an everyday product. I alway heard that you are not suppose to exfoliate everyday but I guess we all have to learn for our selves. 

I use Dark Angels 2 times a week and I do really love this product. I use it in conjunction with the Mask of Magnaminty and it is an amazing difference in my skin. I've been having this weird texture on my forehead, very dry and film like? I don't really know how to explain it. It didn't look bad but just felt odd. This combination has completely removed that texture. It leaves my skin so smooth, soft and moisturized. I typically do this combination on Wednesday for a mid week pick me up and on Saturday/Sunday during my weekend pamper. 

This product is definitely worth the purchase. It lasts a good while and it will take you forever to use it up. You definitely get your moneys worth, which is huge to me. So go give this bad boy a try and let me know what you think! 


Bad Karma? Nah.

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That's right. It's another lovely Lush bath with my #1 the Karma Bubble Bar. 
I don't know what it is about this scent but Karma is my go to. Even in the shower. I will us other body washes like The Comforter, Lord of Misrule, or It's Raining Men; and I will pick up the Karma soap before i get out; use some and just take a deep breath. I think I found my scent. My one true (scent) love. 

I usually break this one apart seeing how is it quite expensive and large. Today though I thought lets go all in. So i placed the whole thing under the running water and just let it do its thing. The water was so silky and strong. It was a lovely time. Netflix, Fruit drink, and my Karma. 


Lush Spa Day

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So these past 2 days i have felt horrible. I don't know if it was my sinuses or just being completely worn out. Either way, I took off from work to try and help my body rejuvenate itself. I slept all morning then treated myself to my very own mid-day Lush Spa. I used the Golden Egg from Lush, which is a bath melt and bomb all in one. Covered in glitter. Which mine wasn't covered that much since i order it online, it got beat up on the way here. I haven't tried this scent before but i know the honey i washed the kids is my friends favorite scent from lush.( So of course I ordered her one for her birthday. ) I used the Dark Angels face scrub then used the Mask of Magnaminty. I haven't never tried their masks before. Ive always used the GlamGlo masks and i actually like the Lush ones so much more. I was really shocked, but i think i am slowly being 100% won over by Lush.

I made it easy for you to find these product by clicking on the names and it will link you right to them. The Gold Egg is limited edition so go after it while you can!


Sunday Funday.

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Sunday Funday! Today has been a day about cleaning, organizing, and of course, Lush Bathing. It can be hard to try new products when you know you have some you love. This was a surprisingly refreshing mixture. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the Brightside Bubble Bar, but I think I'm slowly becoming a fan of citrus fresh scents. This bad boy is now apart of my favorites. The Space Girl Bath Bomb on the other hand isn't a must have but I don't hate it. It smells nice and sweet but nothing i will probably order again. Seeing how i still have one left, i am still looking forward to using it. So it is still a nice Bath Bomb. 

 One thing i love so much about the Brightside, besides the amazing Lushie smell, is its size. It is a nice size and what I typically expect from a Bubble Bar from Lush. This one and the Comforter are on the same page. 

The bath water wasn't the most beautiful of bath waters that i have had from the Lush products but it was very enjoyable. Definitely a Spring inspired Bath. 

Give this combo a shot if you can get your hands on a Space Girl Bath Bomb. Its pretty nice. Hope your day smells as nice as these Lush products. Don't forget to check out whats cooking this week at the Lush Kitchen! 


It's here! It's here!

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Mom thought it would be funny to sit this lovely package inside a trash bag but where i could see it and see how long it would take for me to notice it. I has been there for two days. Really? haha She thought it was funny, but it did turn out to be a great saturday morning surprise. 

I'm excited about a lot of this stuff but the one that i'm most pumped to try is the Dark Angels Face Cleanser. I will most definitely be giving an update next saturday with my thoughts on this product. I feel that a week would be enough time to see how i really feel about it. So do stay tuned. 

What is your favorite product you see? Oh, and lets not forget our friend from the Lush Kitchen; The Comforter Body Lotion!!!


Lush Kitchen

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Lush Kitchen. Have you heard of it? I haven't heard of another company that does something so unique as this. Each week they announce what they will be making in the kitchen that week. Each day is a different product. Most of the time they are products that are no longer sold. 

I learned about the Lush Kitchen a few weeks ago, and a few weeks too late. As you might can tell from the previous blog post, Karma is a favorite of mine. So its no wonder i was extremely bummed to find out i missed out on the Lush Bath Bomb, which happens to be the Karma scent. As well as the Karma body wash. 

I emailed the Lush Kitchen, and with their fantastic customer service, they put the Karma Shower Gel and Karma Shower Jelly on the list to be voted on for the next months Kitchen Menu. I was thrilled and of course went and voted ASAP. 

The Lush Kitchen has completely changed my Lush experience. Have i mentioned i have never actually been to a Lush store? haha i know i know. Soon. The beginning of April is my Birthday so there is a Lush trip in my future. 

Who's going to check out the Lush Kitchen? You better go hungry for some yummy smell-goody things. There's a lot to be served. 


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I was so extremely excited to see my Solid Karma Shampoo Bar come in the other day. I just couldn't wait to jump in the shower, soak my hair and lather up with this bad boy. I had my expectations about the texture and how it would lather. It blew my mind to find out how much i under estimated the greatness of this little bar of shampoo. I might never turn back to liquid shampoo again. 

Not only is my hair soaked in bubbles extremely light and fluffy, when it dries there is so much volume in my hair. If i wasn't already trying to convince everyone in my life to try Lush, I would be running to everyone after this product. So amazing. 

Karma Shampoo Bar Lush

Karma Shampoo Bar Lush

Karma Shampoo Bar Lush


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So this is my first order from the Lush Kitchen in the UK. I must admit that I was so excited like it was christmas morning. I love Karma anything. This was the first bubble bar I ever tried from Lush and fell in love instantly. I combined it with the Big Blue Bath Bomb and to this day, my favorite combo. I ordered 10 of these bad boys and feel no shame in my love and pride in this order. I think I'm set for a while. 


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I want to start off by saying, welcome to my blog! I have recently developed new brand addictions this past year. With that I thought why not share what I discover.

Just a little bit of a background on who I am and what I do. From 8 to 5, I identify as a Graphic Designer, mean while all the time I identify as an Artist. I love art and what it does to and for people. Not only the artist but also the viewer. Like reading book and watching a movie convey two different sort of experiences, so does art. Whether it be a painting or sculpture, I am a lover of art. 

The brand I have recently fallen in love with is Lush Cosmetics. If you are looking at this blog I will assume you are familiar with the brand. I will document from here on out my purchases and thoughts about the products. Thank you for taking your time to see what I have going on here.