Dark Angels || Review

8:20:00 PM Steph Dav 0 Comments

So I said I would give you a review on the Dark Angels Facial Cleanser, and here it is!! I got Dark Angels about 2 weeks ago. I learned really quick that this is NOT an everyday product. I alway heard that you are not suppose to exfoliate everyday but I guess we all have to learn for our selves. 

I use Dark Angels 2 times a week and I do really love this product. I use it in conjunction with the Mask of Magnaminty and it is an amazing difference in my skin. I've been having this weird texture on my forehead, very dry and film like? I don't really know how to explain it. It didn't look bad but just felt odd. This combination has completely removed that texture. It leaves my skin so smooth, soft and moisturized. I typically do this combination on Wednesday for a mid week pick me up and on Saturday/Sunday during my weekend pamper. 

This product is definitely worth the purchase. It lasts a good while and it will take you forever to use it up. You definitely get your moneys worth, which is huge to me. So go give this bad boy a try and let me know what you think!