Bad Karma? Nah.

7:56:00 PM Steph Dav 0 Comments


That's right. It's another lovely Lush bath with my #1 the Karma Bubble Bar. 
I don't know what it is about this scent but Karma is my go to. Even in the shower. I will us other body washes like The Comforter, Lord of Misrule, or It's Raining Men; and I will pick up the Karma soap before i get out; use some and just take a deep breath. I think I found my scent. My one true (scent) love. 

I usually break this one apart seeing how is it quite expensive and large. Today though I thought lets go all in. So i placed the whole thing under the running water and just let it do its thing. The water was so silky and strong. It was a lovely time. Netflix, Fruit drink, and my Karma.