Sunday Funday.

1:31:00 PM Steph Dav 0 Comments

Sunday Funday! Today has been a day about cleaning, organizing, and of course, Lush Bathing. It can be hard to try new products when you know you have some you love. This was a surprisingly refreshing mixture. I wasn't sure how I would feel about the Brightside Bubble Bar, but I think I'm slowly becoming a fan of citrus fresh scents. This bad boy is now apart of my favorites. The Space Girl Bath Bomb on the other hand isn't a must have but I don't hate it. It smells nice and sweet but nothing i will probably order again. Seeing how i still have one left, i am still looking forward to using it. So it is still a nice Bath Bomb. 

 One thing i love so much about the Brightside, besides the amazing Lushie smell, is its size. It is a nice size and what I typically expect from a Bubble Bar from Lush. This one and the Comforter are on the same page. 

The bath water wasn't the most beautiful of bath waters that i have had from the Lush products but it was very enjoyable. Definitely a Spring inspired Bath. 

Give this combo a shot if you can get your hands on a Space Girl Bath Bomb. Its pretty nice. Hope your day smells as nice as these Lush products. Don't forget to check out whats cooking this week at the Lush Kitchen!