Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

1:59:00 PM Steph Dav 0 Comments

 Lush Cosmetics's Dragons Egg Bath Bomb 

So let's chat about this Dragons Egg Bomb for a sec. Why the heck have I not tried it until now? I always thought it would be so ehhh. I never even gave it a passing thought. Upon that trip I took to Atlanta to go to an actual Lush Cosmetics location in order to get the full Lushie experience, I picked one up. The smell is so fruity, fresh and light. In the past this wouldnt have been a scent that I would have willingly gone for. I actually adore this bath bomb and will be definitally repurchasing this one. 

I will say that the only thing im not too thrilled about with this one is the colored circles have this ‘sack’ like thing that stays in the water and floats around while you’re just chillin in the water. I’m not sure if they are for anything or if its just what is holding the colors. If I find out I will surely update you on that. 

Overall, I love this bomb and would give it to anyone and sugguest it as well. It is fantastic.