Lush Bath Cocktail

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Want to try an amazing Lush bath cocktail? Here you go! 
Big Blue Bath Bomb and Karma Bubble Bar!!! 

If you don't know anything about Lush or these products,
let me give you a little low down on these two beauties!
Big Blue was the first bath bomb i tried from Lush which could be why it is my favorite bath bomb from them. It is quite drying due to the salt in it but i don't use it for the benefits of it. The smell is what sold me on this product. I think I'm a fan of all the "ocean" scents they have, well at least the ones that i have tried. The Lush USA site say:

Clear your mind with a relaxing seaweed soak
Take a dip into the deep blue sea of our Big Blue Bath Bomb for an inspiring getaway to the seashore. Lavender is instantly relaxing on the body and mind, and lemon oil helps to keep you afloat. For a truly authentic experience, we’ve added in some of nature’s finest ingredients – sea salt and seaweed. Packed with minerals, salt helps the body rid itself of toxins, while seaweed softens and soothes your skin. Just lay back and sail away to shores of uncluttered thoughts, softer skin and warm, blue seas.
It's amazing hands down. Now the Karma Bubble Bar:
Mystical bubbler with refreshing patchouli and lemongrass
Good Karma is difficult to come by these days, so we created a bubble bar with our signature pine and patchouli fragrance in a potent swirl of time-warping bubbles so you can bathe in Karma. This sudser shares its heady scent with our orange and multi-layered spice, Karma perfume so you can double up on the goodness and transport your senses to a Middle Eastern spice market right from the comforting confines of your tub. Buy two and you can share your good Karma with a friend.

This bar in the photo is their new design for the Karma Bubble Bar. The orange swirly one i used this time in the bath is original design which i was able to order from the lush kitchen. Feel free to go back and read the post about that purchase and see the photos. 

There is something about the sea weed in this one that just makes it so different from the other Bath Bombs. I love to take the sea weed as it softens and rub it all over my skin. So i can absorb all the benefits from the sea weed. With this product your home and body will smell like Big Blue for hours. I will sit there and sniff my arm and be so happy that I could smell so nice, so long after my bath. Now if only I could find out how to get my whole life to smell like this. I could never get tired of it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and photos please feel free to click the images and pin them on Pinterest. I love this last photo the most. You can see how the Karma bubble bar transforms the color of the water. Really feel like mermaid water! Am i right or am i right?! haha ok Thank you for reading, have a great day!